What We Learned This Year in the Garden!

What We Learned This Year in the Garden!

With the first day of school fast approaching, our children’s drop-in gardening program is coming to a close. Let’s take a quick look at some of the exciting things we’ve learned this summer!
Some of the veggies we got to enjoy were lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, and beans. We also picked and tasted some sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb.
It was a really great way for us to learn about where our food comes from – through playing games, like a farm to plate relay race, we talked about all of the miles our food often travels before we get to eat it!
We also learned about how we can grow our own food locally and the ways that it’s helpful for our pockets, our health, and our environment.

We also got to explore our community garden space this summer, discovering all of the critters and creatures that live in our backyards.

Acting like bees and butterflies as we played pollination tag, we got to learn about why pollination is such an important natural process for nature and for us!
We teamed up and did a bug hunt in the garden, too! Drawing and naming the insects we came across helped us to discover more about how bugs aren’t just creepy or crawly, but do a lot of stuff that helps our food grow healthy and strong!
We also got to work on beautifying our garden, an important task because we learned about what an important community space it is in our urban neighbourhood! We built and decorated recycled bird feeders to attract more animals to our garden, and learned how to weed our plots and cut the grass!
We can’t wait until next spring so we can learn more about the amazing things that can happen in our own backyards here in the Thorncliffe Family Garden!
TPWC Family Garden Trip to Whittamore’s Farm

TPWC Family Garden Trip to Whittamore’s Farm

On Wednesday, July 11th, twenty of the gardeners from the Thorncliffe Family Garden piled onto a yellow school bus, and set off to Markham, Ontario. Our destination? Whittamore’s Farm!

We spent a lovely, sunny afternoon at the farm picking strawberries together. Once everybody’s baskets were full, we took some time to relax, sharing food and stories as we picnicked in a wide, open field, surrounded by nature.

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Inauguration of the TPWC Park Café

Inauguration of the TPWC Park Café

This summer has been an exciting one for us here at the Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee. After yet another fruitful season of our weekly community bazaar, we hosted the grand opening of our brand new Park Café last Friday!
Thanks to our incredible supporting partners, including Ontario Trillium Foundation, Alexandra Park Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Scadding Court Community Centre, City of Toronto Parks Department, City of Toronto-Economic Development & Culture, the Metcalf Foundation, and Foodshare Toronto, we are so excited to introduce the newest innovation in our neighbourhood’s local economy.

Set in a fully equipped shipping container, our Park Café model utilizes a place-based model of local economic development by leveraging neighbourhood assets such as the park, existing bazaar, and local talent to improve livelihoods of our community members, with a focus on newcomer women and youth. Under the Thorncliffe Park Women’s Committee’s umbrella, this collective model will provide opportunities by reducing barriers for low-income entrepreneurs and making the entry to entrepreneurship more feasible.

This café will also serve as an extension of our summer market, and will act as a space for our catering enterprise, Flavours of Thorncliffe, sharing resources and strengthening the local economy by linking entrepreneurship with local community development.

Our inauguration was a smashing success, with dozens of local residents crowded around the container café, as well as our local government and city officials in attendance – including MP Rob Oliphant, Premier Kathleen Wynne, and head of Toronto Parks, Janie Romoff. After the official ribbon-cutting ceremony, community members and our government officials shared stories over some delicious samosas prepared by our café staff.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend our grand opening last week, be sure to stop by the café this Friday for some tasty treats prepared by your neighbours!