Our Programs

Park Cafe

Our Park Cafe provides food that is affordable & accessible utilizing the produce from our community garden and homemade spices. Here you can find all kinds of delicious food, from snacks to hot food items like chicken biryani and poutine.

Food Workshops

During our food workshops, children have the opportunity to create delicious food such as pizza using our tandoor oven.

Youth Leadership Program

Youth are engaged in environmental stewardship and conservation projects through hands-on learning. This includes opportunities to connect with nature through hiking, exploring, bird watching, and cleaning up the Don Valley Park and ravine systems surrounding our neighborhood. The program happens for 2 weeks in August.

Tandoor Bread Baking

Women get together every Friday and bake a variety of bread including bolani, keema nan, plain nan and more. The bread is always freshly baked, using the only tandoor oven in all of North American parks.

Neighbors-in-Need Meal Program

Our program assists low income families, recent immigrants without immigration status, seniors or recently unemployed community members.

Arts in the Park

On Fridays from 6:30-7:30 PM, we have our free program. Children are given the opportunity to engage in and express themselves through interactive and creative art sessions. Every week we have fun and different art activities. 

Special Events

During our special events such as our cultural festivals, we have food demos, market vendors, performances, and more.

Gardening Programs

Every Tuesday from 6-7:30 PM, children can come participate at our local community garden in a variety of fun activities. Children will do garden art, learn about native plants and animals, and explore the garden through different activities. 

Community Markets

The community market transforms a formerly unused green space into a vibrant and inclusive community hub. Happening every Friday from May to October at 3-9:00 PM, vendors sell a variety of items from clothing, jewelry, and more.

Park Cafe Catering

This women’s collective employs community members as expert chefs in preparing South Asian cultural dishes.

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